Power of Attorney and Guardianship Applications


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows someone you trust to manage your affairs for you. This is particularly useful in the event that you become unable to manage your affairs yourself. An obvious example may be old age or infirmity, but other situations can arise where a Power of Attorney can be extremely useful, such as working abroad or if you are going on an extended holiday.

Primary Contacts:

Kenneth Stanley kens@aitkennairn.co.uk

Morag Yellowlees moragy@aitkennairn.co.uk


Guardian Applications

If a loved one is unfortunate enough to become unable to manage their own affairs, then a Guardianship Application may be necessary to allow their affairs to be managed on their behalf. We are able to assist clients in all stages of the application process. Legal Aid may be available for this.

Primary Contact:

Lauren Queen laurenq@aitkennairn.co.uk